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Tours of Berlin Adlershof

Experience 100 years of aviation history or the prototypes for a clean energy future – our guided tours of the site offer a unique experience for people of all ages.

Our expertly guided and tailored tours usually take two hours and consist of a presentation of the site and a walkabout. Further options include visiting companies or meeting our on-site researchers.

Do you want to offer your guests just a little bit more? We would be delighted to add a small tour to your event programme.


Windkanal Luftfahrt Geschichte Berlin Adlershof

This extraordinary expedition into the ups and downs of aviation in Adlershof offers experiences and encounters that will surprise you. Johannisthal / Adlershof were the cradle of German aviation. Germany’s first airfield opened here in 1909 and quickly became the mecca for aviators from all over Europe. More than 400,000 people from Berlin and Brandenburg flocked to the flight shows to see the daredevil pioneers in their flying machines. Our guides will take you to many of the numerous aviation monuments from that turbulent age – the Great Wind Canal and the Trudelturm, a tailspin wind tunnel – when Adlershof was also home to scientific research on aviation.


Technologiepark Adlershof 2015

© WISTA.Plan GmbH. Foto: D. Laubner

One of the reasons for the Technology Park’s considerable growth is the close cooperation of science and business. This is complemented by a strong brand, a convincing cluster and startup strategy as well as targeted marketing. This study tour will give you some insight on how a private-public-partnership is successfully developing and marketing Adlershof.


Blockheizkraftwerk Power to Heat BTB Berlin

The “Energiewende”, Germany’s strategy for a transition to clean energy, offers seminal chances for innovation and growth. Our intriguing tour on the subject will introduce you to new energy storage technologies, Adlershof’s future energy concept and energy-efficient construction and living. It will show you the multitude of photovoltaics facilities and the application of alternative energy sources, such as geothermal energy, and take you on a visit to our Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies. Innovation, progress, and sustainability – in Adlershof these do not contradict, but advance each other.


Wissenschaft und Forschung Berlin

These guided tours offer you an overview over our local research institutions and current research from Adlershof as well as the close cooperation between science and business which is a fundamental feature of the site.

Discover the city of founders Adlershof, which has specialized on high-tech start-ups with its six technology clusters and the natural sciences campus of the Hunboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Alongside the HU’s start-up service, WISTA Management GmbH operates its own innovation and start-up centres and offers a wide range of services which have resulted in the founding of numerous successful companies.

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